Neck Pain Relief & Relaxation

In Just 10 Minutes

Top Neck Massager is perfect on-the-go massager that lets you offer soothing relief from stiff & sore neck muscles anytime, anywhere!

Neck Pain Relief & Relaxation

In Just 10 Minutes

Heat Function
Magnetic Therapy
Electric Pulse
Electrode Pads
Long Battery Life
Airplane Friendly

Meet Top Neck Massager

What's Inside & Outside | The Tech Specs

With the Top Neck Massager Neck Massager, you can enjoy a spa-quality neck massage in the comfort of your home or while traveling. It uses a combination of clinically proven & 100% safe - heat therapy, magnetic therapy & EMS pulses to relax sore muscles, stiffness & inflammation - delivering instant relief and relaxation.

  • 1

    Intelligent 3D Floating Suspension Electrodes

  • 2

    Skin-Friendly Neck Protection Silicone Pad

  • 3

    Magnetic Absorption To Remote Controller

  • 4

    Silicone Base Makes Electrodes Floating at 360 Degrees

  • 5

    Ergonomic U-Shaped Design Fit any Size of American’s Neck

  • 6

    Press Button for 2 Sec. Until It Beeps to Power it on.

Intelligent Features

Discover wide-range of features that make the Top Neck Massager Neck Massager function right out of the box with zero effort to help melt your stress & pain away instantly.

Get Complete Control
With 6 Massage Modes

The Top Neck Massager Neck Massager delivers 6 types of human massage techniques including - Acupuncture, Gua Sha, Kneading, Tui Na, Shiatsu & Elbow Pressure


Ergonomic Design
One Size Fits All

Made with skin-friendly silicone pads, the massager & electrode pads are uber comfortable. The expandable design fits all neck sizes making it perfect for you & your family.


Choose Your Pressure
With 15 Intensity Levels

Just like you tell your masseuse at the spa about your pressure preference, similarly you can select from 15 intensity levels depending on your relief needs & comfort.


Designed with
You In Mind

Sleek, portable & ergonomic massager that lets you offer soothing relief from stiff & sore neck muscle.


Additional Features

& Durable



On-The-Go Massager

Use It Anytime, Anywhere

The lightweight, portable & ergonomic Top Neck Massager Neck Massager lets you enjoy a spa-quality massage no matter where you are & what you are doing!.

What Our Users Have To Say

Customer Reviews

Ken S.

New York, NY

Amazing quality & features!

"I have been using this product for over 2 months now (almost thrice a week) and can confidently say the quality and features are amazing! The 6 massage modes actually mimic the similar hand massage movement and relief. The build quality is great and after accidently spilling water, I can also confirm it is waterproof ha ha! Great products!"

Amy G.

Los Angeles, CA

Great value and works well!

"When I ordered the Pulse Point Neck Massager, I was very curious to see if the electrode pads that come along really deliver the same experience - and to my pleasant surprise they do! I almost always use them for my back while wearing it on my neck and it instantly releases the knots and stiffness."

Daniel J.

Dallas, TX

Relief & relaxation!

"Great value and works well!I just got mine about 3 weeks back and it definitely works well, offers all the features highlighted and is super comfortable + lightweight, to work with or even walk around the house. My wife and I both have been enjoying using it! Thank you."